Posted by: aurorayacht | February 1, 2010

A little paint goes a long way

When I recived information that our new docks would require the Aurora to look much better, Well let’s say we went right to work. For years people were concerned that this ship was so rusted out that it could not be saved.

Really all this ship is guilty of is being neglected for years. All of the rust that you can see on the hull is surface rust. Amazingly enough the hull is still in fantastic condition.

After only a month of working on the hull the Aurora has really turned around. She is starting to look like the ship she once looked like. In my opinion there is not a finer lined ship in the world.

Most of the work is making sure the rust will not come back for years to come. We are doing all the right stuff and the results are truely amazing. We are not yet finished with the first side but everyday the Aurora comes back a little at a time.

After we complete the hull we will continue on the upper levels. Within a year she will look as beautiful as ever.

-All content & images copywrite Aurora Yacht Collection.


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