Posted by: aurorayacht | April 7, 2010

Back to Beautiful

After months of hard work and alot of paint the exterior is once again white. She went from the Faithful ( An old ran down ship ready for the breakers ) to the makings of one of the largest luxury yachts on the west coast.

In many people opinions this ship has some of the best lines of any vessel built.

She shill needs much work but many of the areas will come back with little work. Her lounge is 80% complete and will accomodate just over 200 persons with a band and a dance floor.

The marine blue stripe from her Xanadu days is being installed again to the original color. At one time this vessel was considered one of the most luxurious pocket cruise ships of it’s day. It was a sad story and we are doing the best we can to change this ships stars.

A full wood ship is being installed using the best tools of the trade. This will allow for the interior to be reconstructed in the best of ways with no corners being cut.

We hope that soon she will again see large parties and events as she once did before.

-All content & images copywrite Aurora Yacht Collection.


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