Posted by: aurorayacht | April 16, 2010

Teak Railing Restoration Part v2

Restoration of the 1955 teak railing is not a simple task. Most of the railing is cracked broken or rotted, but all can be restored one way or the other. The section shown below was by far the worst condition of any of the railing on the ship.

This section was broken in two and rotted at the same time. Really bad condition.

So I glued it back together and injected glue to all of the cracks and clamped it to dry.

Once together I still had the dry rot issue.

The wood in this area was soft as styrofoam.

So I chose to cut out the rotting area and see if I could splice a new section in.

The idea worked great. The spliced are will not be seen but looks great just the same.

With a little sanding and some oil and 4 hours work time we have part of our railing back. Maybe this railing will see another 10 or 20 years if treated right.

-All content & images copywrite Aurora Yacht Collection.


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