Posted by: aurorayacht | May 15, 2010

Aurora Before and After

The story of this vessel has been nothing short of a movie in the making but that’s another story.  When I found this vessel on the Delta, she was under negotiations for being scrapped.  This would have been a simple strategy as the market for steel was at an all time high.  However, from the moment I saw this vessel, I felt connected.  As I studied her history, both good and bad, it became clear that I had to put my best foot forward to keep her from being scrapped.

Most individuals took one look at this vessel and saw a giant eye sore in the middle of the California Delta.  The condition it was in made it very difficult, for most, to focus on what could be.  Additionally, countless negative newspaper articles from the ship’s past portrayed a bleak future for this future Luxury Liner.  This pessimism overshadowed some rich historical facts.  Most apparent is the structural aspects of this vessel.  This is the first post WWII ship built in Germany and they truly did an amazing job on the construction.  I just couldn’t walk away.

Now it is much easier for people to see the future of the Aurora.


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