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Building a Woodshop

When we set out to build a woodshop we had to take into consideration that a woodshop is by far the most important aspect of restoring this ship. We wanted to do it right.

We wanted to use only nice tools so we went with The best we could find. Then our crew member Steve Taylor decided that he would design and build a state of the art work / tech bench.

Starting with basic lumber Steve set out to show his skills.

No corners were cut in building this bench and most materials were donated or scraps from various places.

The shelves and table top slowly is painted and put together.

Finally the workbench is ready for action. With Teak facing it looks as if it could have been used for a fine library.

Our woodshop needs be have everything in place to support any and all restorations we will be doing in the near future.

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Posted by: aurorayacht | April 16, 2010

Teak Railing Restoration Part v2

Restoration of the 1955 teak railing is not a simple task. Most of the railing is cracked broken or rotted, but all can be restored one way or the other. The section shown below was by far the worst condition of any of the railing on the ship.

This section was broken in two and rotted at the same time. Really bad condition.

So I glued it back together and injected glue to all of the cracks and clamped it to dry.

Once together I still had the dry rot issue.

The wood in this area was soft as styrofoam.

So I chose to cut out the rotting area and see if I could splice a new section in.

The idea worked great. The spliced are will not be seen but looks great just the same.

With a little sanding and some oil and 4 hours work time we have part of our railing back. Maybe this railing will see another 10 or 20 years if treated right.

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Posted by: aurorayacht | April 15, 2010

Teak Railing Restoration

Restoration is an ongoing task for the well underway restoration project ( the Aurora ) . Many areas of this vessel may appear to far gone for restoration. The railing is a good example. Teak is far to expensive to just go out and purchase. So we have to make due with a little elbow grease.

This is an example of a portion of the railing that has cracked in half and most would think it is a good candidate to replace.

So we are putting this section back together as we will do with a great deal of the railing. The question is are we skilled enough to work the magic it will take to restore this fine 1955 era teak railing?

We will let you be the judge.

Please check back for the railing project progress.

Posted by: aurorayacht | April 7, 2010

Back to Beautiful

After months of hard work and alot of paint the exterior is once again white. She went from the Faithful ( An old ran down ship ready for the breakers ) to the makings of one of the largest luxury yachts on the west coast.

In many people opinions this ship has some of the best lines of any vessel built.

She shill needs much work but many of the areas will come back with little work. Her lounge is 80% complete and will accomodate just over 200 persons with a band and a dance floor.

The marine blue stripe from her Xanadu days is being installed again to the original color. At one time this vessel was considered one of the most luxurious pocket cruise ships of it’s day. It was a sad story and we are doing the best we can to change this ships stars.

A full wood ship is being installed using the best tools of the trade. This will allow for the interior to be reconstructed in the best of ways with no corners being cut.

We hope that soon she will again see large parties and events as she once did before.

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Posted by: aurorayacht | February 11, 2010

History Channel

Last evening the History Channel aired the episode of life after people that should have included information on the Aurora. What we got was 30 seconds of Mr. Peter Knego’s interview with the ship in the background.

Needless to say it was not at all good for the ship and nothing that was agreed upon happened. I am however that my good friend Peter finally had a day in the sun on the history channel.

Several days prior to this episode airing on the History Channel I did get a call from the producer saying he would like to have the Aurora on another show.

Dispite my feelings on what happened I still feel that Tim Evans and his crew are good people and will do the right thing.

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